A palette is always useful when painting. Without it, it will be a bit more difficult to for example mix paint, but also use the paint that you have chosen for your artwork. In a palette you can easily put paint and then use exactly the amount that you need.
If you are painting with aquarelle it does not matter if the paint dries in the palette, next time you are using the paint you can just dip the brush in water and stroke it against the dry colour – the paint will be activated and you can continue with your artwork. On the other hand, if you paint with acrylic paint it is important to clean the palette after use, since acrylic paint dries quickly and can be difficult to remove. Do you paint with oil paint? A flat palette is perfect for you, it makes it easier to mix colours. When you have finished painting for the day you can cover the palette with plastic foil and put away, since oil paint dries slowly the paint will stay the same until the next day.
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Colortime Maped Nassau Fine Art Spectrum Noir Winsor & Newton
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Color Peps Plastic Palette
3 €
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Nassau Fine Art
Palette + Acrylic brushes 14-set
14.50 €
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Winsor & Newton
Tear-off Palettes 29x20 cm
15 €
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Plastic Palette
2 €
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Artist Palette 20 x 30 cm
4.90 €
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Spectrum Noir
Mixing Palette
2.50 €
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Plastic Palette Rectangle
3.50 €
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Plastic Palette Flower
3.90 €
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