The fineliner is one of the most useful pens that you can have in your pen case.

The possibilities are endless: create illustrations, make contours in watercolour paintings or use it for plain writing. The defining thing about a fineliner is the tip, often made of felt or plastic, that is very thin (varying between 0,03 mm to about 1,2 mm). Black ink is most common, but sometimes it can also be available in other colours.

It is worth it to invest in a fineliner with a durable tip, then it will last longer and you do not need to worry about a deformed tip that is not giving you the detailed result you want. We sell several types of high quality fineliners from the Japanese brand Pilot. Are you still wondering what you can use your fineliners for? We have some suggestions on a couple of different ways of expression that will not only increase your creativity, but also feel simple and approachable. All you need is a fineliner and a paper, not even a pencil is needed.

Create patterns and doodle

There are a few things that are as relaxing as creating repetitive patterns. The repetitive pattern is central to art forms such as Zentangle, Doodling or Mandala art. Just bring out a blank piece of paper, start in the middle with a small shape (for example a circle or square) and then build up the pattern with doodles. With thoughtless drawings you can increase your creativity in an unpretentious way.

For patterns we can especially recommend Drawing Pen from Pilot, which is available in many different sizes and has a durable quality tip. Thanks to the many sizes you can vary your lines and create a more dynamic drawing. We are also very fond of Frixion Fineliner that has erasable ink and is available in 12 different colours. With Frixion you can change your mind as many times as you want.

Get those beautiful letters with "fake" calligraphy

Ever felt drawn to trying out calligraphy but do not have the energy to learn it? There is a shortcut. Using faux calligraphy means that you can get dynamic letters without using a flexible brush pen. All you need to do is to write a sentence or word in a calligraphic style and then fill in some lines afterwards and make them a bit thicker than others. In that way you can create an illusion of the text being written with a calligraphy pen.

For faux calligraphy you can for example use the long-lasting V-Sign Pen that is suitable for both writing and drawing. The classic Fineliner from Pilot is also a great option. It has a durable felt-tip with a metal base, and is also available in four different colours. If you on the other hand want to try out a real calligraphy pen, we can recommend Lettering Pen that has a flat tip and light-resistant, quick-drying ink.

Draw with only one line

One line drawing is exactly what it sounds like, a drawing with only one line. You do not lift the tip from the paper until you are done with the drawing. Common motifs are faces and people, but you can really draw whatever comes to mind. It might feel a bit challenging to begin with, but the final result can be very striking and impressive.

In this case it is important to use a reliable pen with a steady ink flow. If the fineliner skips ink it might be difficult to save. V-Fineliner and V-Sign Pen have an ink regulator in order to ensure an even flow and that you can use the pen until the last drop of ink. They both have a window on their bodies that helps you see the ink level inside the pen and in that way avoid unpleasant surprises when drawing.


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